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Programming: PHP, Cold Fusion, SQL, Dreamweaver, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML and JSP.

Graphics & Video: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and all major video streaming technologies (Flash, Windows Media, Quick Time.)

e-commerce Applications: Shopping Carts, Product Catalogs, Registration, Order Tracking, Order Fulfillment

Q: Are you looking for sound, honest advice about creating an effective Internet presence for your business? Are you ready to move beyond the simple homespun "web page" you have now and create a more polished, professional image for your company? Or are you looking for a sophisticated, data-driven solution for e-commerce or Intranet applications?
A: That's where the EZ New Media Internet Business Solutions team can help. We can give you sound advice on how your business can best utilize the Internet and its resources: from ecommerce to full-fledged advertising and marketing campaigns. Plus we can make sure your presence on the Internet is consistent with all of your marketing, promotional and sales materials.
How? Besides the Internet, our experience is in broadcasting and marketing: we've specialized in award-winning radio, television and print advertising for years. Now we're putting that experience to work for you and your business on the Internet. When we design a web site for your business, not only will it be interesting and informative, it will also motivate, sell and generate results.
That what's different about the EZ New Media Internet Business Solutions team: we understand marketing and the Internet. Most Internet service providers and computer companies understand the mechanics and technical end of the Internet very well: after all, that is the service that they are providing. However, they lack the marketing experience and know-how to develop a Web site that is designed from the ground floor to generate results.

Remember: your web site is the world's first impression of your business. Make sure it's a good impression: EZ New Media can help with that.

In otherwords, just because your electric company knows how to light up the sign on your building doesn't mean they're the best qualified team to decide what your sign says. To get the most out of your site, it needs to be designed with a marketing and promotional focus. The EZ New Media Internet Business Solutions team has the experience and the know-how to produce an effective Internet presence for your business.

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